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  • Chelle Anderson

Be you....let it go!

Do you ever have stuff, crap, junk, old stuck energy come up at the weirdest, most inconvenient times?

I was at yoga yesterday, flowing through practice. The instructor cued us in to camel pose. In camel pose, you are kneeling, you place your hands on your lower back you lift your heart to the sky. This time the instructor had us reach our left hand back to toes, lifting your heart to the sky, we then came back to center. Then we reached our right had back to our toes, then back to center. Then we reached both hands to our toes, hearts lifted to the sky in a big heart opener.

All of a sudden I started coughing and coughing and could not stop. Now keep in mind this is not, I have a tickle and my throat and it is making me cough. It is not an I swallowed wrong cough. This is a from the depths cough….AND I knew it was time to LET IT GO!

I was in the middle of a class, 30 people and I decided to let it out. Let it go….

I coughed and coughed. I did not care what anyone else thought. I did not care if I was annoying the germ-a-phoebes in the room. This was a block releasing, this was old shit coming up and out, and I was NOT going to stop it.

Did I know what it was? NO

Did I know why this was happening? NO

Did I need to know? NO

I just knew that whatever it was needed to be released. So I coughed as long as my body needed.

The instructor knew…she smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up. Tears were shed, and I let them (big bonus that I was at HOT yoga). During savasana I felt a heaviness in my chest so as I was breathing I visualized breathing in love/ light and exhaling all the crap. I pulled crap from my chest, again not caring that I was in the middle of class with a bunch of people.

Something had clicked, something moved and my body wanted to get rid of it- so I let it go!

My ego kept whispering…”you should leave,” “you are making others feel uncomfortable,” “what are others thinking about you?” But I knew there was magic in that moment. I knew if I stuffed it to “deal with it later,” it would not happen.

I strongly encourage you that when this happens to you: an urge out of the blue to start crying, an unexplained coughing fit, the need to yell, scream, holler, hit something. Honor yourself. Honor that you are releasing something that needs to go. Take time to pause- no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing- and let it go!

Get it out, whatever “it” is- you don’t need to know.

Honor you, BE you, let it go!!


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