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My Mission

Guiding people from where they are at, to process through their stuff in a movement to achieving alignment within themselves and the Universe.


I began my journey towards alignment with choosing to let go of my stuck emotions from my mother’s death.  I choose to stuff all the emotions surrounding her passing.  I realized that carrying this baggage was making me sick, tired.  I needed to let it go, deal with it, FEEL it.  


Growing up I lived in a family where you did not show your emotions, you did not feel your emotions.  I grew up in a good Norwegian family- my mother and father both being 100% Norwegian.  The only time that I “knew” my mother was angry or my parents were fighting was when my mother was silent.  I grew up in a family where perfection was the expectation and anything less was not tolerated. 


So when my mother passed the only thing that I knew how to do very well was to stuff, not feel ALL the emotions that were happening.  This created lots of stuck emotions, gunk inside me. 

One day I made the decision to feel all the feels that I had chosen not to feel for 15 years.  One day I decided that I could not keep creating the gunk.  It was horrible, terrifying, liberating and joyful.  That was the beginning of my journey. 


I say beginning because I then got to work through the guilt and shame of getting pregnant before I was married, the self-doubt, the negative self-talk of being married to an addicted partner, the fear of going through a divorce with 4 children.  There were a LOT of emotions that I had chosen to stuff and they needed to be felt, dealt with and let go. 


Aligning Mind, Body Spirit comes from within you.  It does not come from external gratification.  YOU need to do the work, YOU need to decide.  Everything on this website, all of what I do has helped me through this journey.  Please take what resonates with you, please leave what does not. 


Please come back again and again and try out different things.  One thing I do know is that change is the only constant in our lives.  Be open, be willing to look at your junk, be willing to learn about yourself.  It’s worth the pain.  The joy on the other side of it is TREMENDOUS! 

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